Each box is filled with materials and tools needed to follow an 8 lesson plan for kids ages 3-9
Each lesson can be followed through short videos. These videos allow families to watch and follow together accompanied by an inspiring selection of books for story time.

The goal and mission for our Art Experimentos box is to build a creative habit, integrate literacy and mindfulness, learn through play, explore the elements of art & principles of design. Establish cleanup and set-up a workstation, and introduce them to journaling.

The materials included in the box are carefully selected, and the containers used can be reutilized
to continue their practice. The box also contains a bilingual (SP-ENG) set of cards which features a work representative of the Lesson and the artists introduced.

*Upon ordering your gift, each family will receive an art map and certificate for their future lessons. Plus day/time available options to schedule their 8 class program.


Artexperimentos are bilingual workshops with a focus on process-driven art, fostering creative thinking and discovery.
Book a workshop or an Estira︎︎︎Libros (Book Stretcher) bilingual session.